Garklein Flötlein.
"Estampie", with Nicholas Barlow, nakers.
Recorded by BBC1 TV September 1979

Nakers are small drums, about the size of half a football, very like miniature timpani. They hang from ones belt and are struck with wooden sticks. The pitch of the note may be altered by adjusting the rope tensioning the skin of the head.

If you get a garklein recorder be sure to study the fingering chart. You will probably find some surprises. Like most renaissance design recorders, A in the second octave is 'officially' the highest note. However, you may find that you can go higher by adding the little finger to the standard fingerings for B and C, and blowing hard. The instrument I am using in this recording is a 'Hopf' pearwood 'Renaissance' model, a long discontinued forerunner of the more authentic designs now produced by Kobliczek..

Garklein Recorder & Pen!

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