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Enjoy the Recorder
by Brian Bonsor
(Recommended for older children and adults.)
Please click here for the author's comments.

  Descant Book l (orange) Schott ED 11464 O/S
  Accompaniments & notes to Bk 1 Schott ED 11465 16.99
  Descant Book 2 (light blue) Schott ED 11466 8.99
  Accompaniments & notes to Bk 2 Schott ED 11467 16.99
  Treble Book 1 (green) Schott ED 11468 8.99
  Accompaniments & notes to Bk 1 Schott ED 11469 16.99
  Treble Book 2 (was brown) Schott ED 11470 9.99
  Accompaniments & notes to Bk 2 Schott ED 11471 17.99
  From Descant to Treble Book 1 Schott ED 12229 7.99
  From Descant to Treble Book 2 Schott ED 12259 9.99
  Accompaniments (to Pts 1 & 2) Schott ED 12249 15.99
Recorder Playing
by Steve Rosenberg
This is a straight forward and well thought out method with an emphasis on early music. The tunes are good (definitely no 'jingles'!) and there are many duets. The material goes up to G above the stave, with some 'black notes' omitted. There is though, a full fingering chart.
  Book 1 B & H M 060 2281 4 8.99
  (Book 2 is no longer available)
Aulos 1
by Philip Evry
  Book M.Sales 05259 3.50
  (There is no "book two".)
The School Recorder Book
by Priestly & Fowler
  Book 1 (descant)
   (The piano accompaniment book is out of print.)
M.Sales EJ 10015 O/S
  Book 2 (descant & treble) M.Sales EJ 10016 O/S
  Advanced Recorder Technique M.Sales EJ 10017 O/P
     Dr Carl Dolmetsch. (Previously School Recorder Book 3)
  Please contact me if you are seriously interested in the above historic title.
The New Recorder Tutor
by Stephen Goodyear
  Book One, descant M.Sales IMP 50000 3.99
  Companion Pieces to Book One. Piano score.   O/P Two only. 2.00
  Book Two, descant M.Sales. IMP 50001 3.99
  Book Three, treble M.Sales IMP 50002 4.95
  Book Four, bass O/P
My comments on recorder fingering, previously here, have been removed from this page. You can find them here

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