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Stock List

I have changed things a little. The list described below the line still exists but I have changed its file name and the link at the bottom of this page has been altered so as to continue to produce it.

Of far more current interest is a clear list of what I have available now. (I am no longer ordering any new items.) This is what the regular stock list shortcuts and links now display.

Try it now! Stock_List.pdf.

The old links were to a pdf file of the entire stock. There are 73 pages. The document is dated by the last upload. You probably can search this file for any item using your pdf reader software (usually Acrobat Reader) though it may not be possible with some portable devices.

To avoid confusion I have removed the stock status information. In 2015 I stopped selling new sheet music and changed the listing so that it comes after the items I continue to stock. The rest are 'archive' and the stock levels have been reduced to zero. Where 'nla' is part of the description the product there are no more available.

This list is of historical interest only. Do not order from it.

Second-hand items are not included (for technical reasons involving VAT and the stock control program).

The file is about 600KB and it may take a little while to download. If you want to print it be careful to select only the pages you actually require. Work from the Acrobat Reader toolbar. You will find this very easy to use if you have a recent Acrobat reader. (Version 6 or later.)

The items are listed by name. If you have a catalogue number you will probably be able to find what you want quickly by doing a search. The list has sub-divisions along the same lines as my web pages. Size specific recorder related items are listed along with recorders of the same size. There is a general recorder section at the top of the list. Because the list is a single file, you can find items even if you do not know what section they fall into. You will fare better by searching with a short string. There is less likelihood of a spelling mistake or similar error forcing a negative search result. My original house style separated initial catalogue letters from following numbers and letters. This caused a few difficulties and I have removed spaces and added letters to many of my current recorder products. The original digits in the product identifier are unchanged.

If you would like to sample this feature, please CLICK HERE. (If you are using an elderly computer, right clicking the link and downloading file makes it easier to use and ensures that you see the latest version.)

For details of my way of handling orders please click here.

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