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John Everingham FTCL

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Saunders Recorders

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I am in central Bristol
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Recorder Music Mail
Specialist Dealer in Recorder Music

Allegro Music
Choir and organ music specialist

 Blaise Publications 
for Bassoons and Wind Quintet. 
Handmade Oboe Reeds

 The Flautadors 
Recorder Quartet

 i Flautisti 
Recorder Quartet

 Ingeborg Christopherson 
Recorder Player

 Catherine Groom 
Recorder Player and Teacher.
Also, Soprano Singer and Medieval Harpist.

Ben Luck

 Bluebell Wood Hospice 

 Mark Everingham 

 Willobie Press 
Music for Recorder Ensemble.

 Gilliland Publications 
Arrangements and compositions,
including four for recorder ensembles,
by Maurice Hodges.

 Tinderbox Music 

 Tinderbox Recorder Music 

 Aura and Coolsma Recorders, Netherlands 

 The Dolmetsch Organisation, England 

 Kung Recorders, Switzerland 

 Mollenhauer Recorders, Germany 

 Peter Worrell 
Band Flutes and Woodwind Instruments.
Special Keys and Repairs.

 Dawkes Musicd 
Woodwind instruments, spares, repair materials and much more.

 Wind Craft Ltd 
Woodwind spares and repair materials. (The previous web address for trade customers.)

 Society of Recorder Players, (UK) 

 American Recorder Society 

 Associated Board (ABRSM) 

 ABRSM Publishing 

 Trinity College 

 The New Strand 
Seondhand Bookshop, Pub, Cafe, Post Office,
at Eardisley, near Kington, Herefordshire.
A favourite haunt of mine,
where you will find a warm welcome and refreshment.

 The Radio Society of Great Britain 
(John is a licenced amateur radio operator, G4TRN.)

(This list was edited and verified, June 2022.)


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