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Folk Music and Instruments




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The business proprietor is John Everingham F.T.C.L.

I am phasing out this range of products. Very few are in stock at at a level of more than one.

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Folk Music
Please quote the "SR Code" when ordering from this list.
Aria di camera per flauto solo. BP 376
   An interesting C18 collection of Irish, Scottish and Welsh tunes.
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Ashokan Farewell (Vln.)
   arr. Jay Ungar
(KM 3611581)
Carolan's Concerto
   15 pieces from C18 Ireland with CD
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The Complete Country Dance Tunes
   from Playford's Dancing Master
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English Pub Session Tunes 34036 8.95
Irish Session Tunes the Blue Book 22699 9.95
Irish Session Tunes the Orange Book 22705 9.95
More Airs for Pairs (2 copies) 33992 7.95
Popular English Session Tunes 34029 8.95
O`Neills 1001 22668 12.95
Scottish Flute Collection 43779 9.50
Songs & Dances of England 21890 9.99
Songs & Dances of Ireland 21913 10.95
Songs & Dances of Scotland 21906 10.95
Traditional Irish Flute Solos 34210 5.50
The Low Whistle Book (with CD). 26369 15.50
   Stock Clearance, all £1.95 each.

Kerr's Fourth Collection of Merry Melodies Book XI (444) (1 copy)
Kerr's Third Collection of merry Melodies Book X (446) (3 copies)
Various Folk Instruments and Accessories
Please quote the "SR Code" when ordering from this list.
Capo, Gould CS Flat/Curved 17497 2.75
Flute, Tony Dixon, Polymer (black plastic), D 28103 186.50
Guitar Pitch Pipe 23375 2.99


Ocarinas are named by the sound of the lowest note.
The one I call 'standard' is equivalent to a descant recorder.
These high quality 'Langley' instruments, made in England, are no longer available from Saunders Recorders.

Please quote the "SR Code" when ordering from this list.
Clarke D Whistle Black boxed (metal with wood block) 27052 6.25
Clarke Sweetone C Whistle Black 26895 3.50
Clarke Meg C Whistle Blue 26888 2.50
Clarke Sweetone C Whistle Green 26871 3.50
Clarke Sweetone C Whistle Red 26420 3.50
Generation C Whistle brass 26994 3.50
Generation C Whistle nickel 26710 4.50
Generation Eb Whistle brass 26970 3.05
Generation F Whistle brass 26956 3.35
Generation F Whistle nickel 26925 4.10
Generation G Whistle nickel 26703 3.80
Susato Low A Whistle 27021 56.50
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